Help protect your online shop from spam and abuse by requiring human interaction to submit your forms.


reCAPTCHA, powered by Google, continually adapts to keep malicious bots from engaging in abusive activities, such as email spam, on your website forms. Meanwhile, genuine users will be able to create an account and send you queries by completing the human verification checkbox and fake users will be blocked.

reCAPTCHA set up

Easy Set Up

Login with your Google account, tell reCAPTCHA which site you want to use it on, copy the two keys they provide, enter them into your admin panel and it's done!

reCAPTCHA brings peace of mind

Peace of Mind

reCAPTCHA is a simple, customer friendly fraud detection service that stops bots and other automated software attacks while approving genuine users.

reCAPTCHA learns and adapts


Constantly learning and adpating to new threats, reCAPTCHA continually updates to ensure it always knows which interaction to approve and which to reject.

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