Storefeeder has integrated a wide range of marketplaces, couriers and accounting packages to help you grow your business.


Join Bluepark customers like Kukoon Rugs and connect your ecommerce website to Storefeeder to automatically receive and process orders together, send shipping updates to customers, sync stock levels on all marketplaces, and seamlessly manage your online accounting.

Storefeeder integrated marketplaces


Sell on marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon,, and Game, as well as your online shop, by syncing your stock levels through Storefeeder.

Storefeeder integrated couriers


Whether you use a single courier or multiple preferred couriers, StoreFeeder ensures your parcels are seamlessly shipped via the correct method.

Storefeeder integrated accounting


Integrate your online shop and other marketplaces with accounting packages such as KashFlow, Tradebox and Xero to automate your accounts.

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