eBay multi-channel integration

Grow your business by seamlessly selling on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, straight from your online shop.

eBay Multi-Channel

Connect eBay to your online shop

Reach eBay's 182 million shoppers effortlessly from your online shop with the industry's most comprehensive built-in integration.
List and update your products, sync your stock, receive and process your orders, all via your Bluepark website’s admin panel.

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Create your eBay product listings

Having to create products on two different platforms can take up a lot of valuable time and resources. However, because your products already exist within your Bluepark online shop, it’s easy to create your eBay product listings using your existing data. Simply connect your website to eBay, assign your products to the channel and publish them to your eBay seller account or shop.

eBay Product Listing
Change the price

Compete with eBay sellers in terms of price, add on a little extra to cover your seller’s fees, or target non-UK eBay sites by setting alternative eBay pricing that's different to your online shop's pricing.

Alternative product information

Target your eBay customers with alternative product titles and descriptions to what displays on your online shop to ensure that you are reaching customers in the most effective way possible.

Centralised stock management

Save time and effort by taking control of your stock management on eBay and your online shop without the need for third-party software.


eBay Stock Management
Sync stock seamlessly

Our two-way, automated real-time stock management updates all channels whenever you make a sale, eliminating overselling.

Stay informed & restock

Receive low-stock notifications to let you know when you're running out. Easily reorder with our built-in Purchase Order system.

Control your stock

Choose which products you want to sell on which channel and control how much stock of each product you want to send to eBay.

End listings automatically

Enable eBay listings to end when stock runs out or save time and money by keeping listings live until you decide to cancel them.

Consolidate your order processing

When a customer places an order via eBay it will be recorded instantly within your Bluepark website’s Order Manager. From there you are able to process the order exactly as you would an order from your own site, saving you time by processing both website and eBay orders together.

eBay Order Processing
Improve Your Service

Save time and reduce human errors by picking and packing all online shop and eBay orders together to create a single picking list and set of despatch notes.

Consistent Branding

Avoid confusion by setting alternative eBay specific branding, contact information and invoicing that's automatically used for all eBay orders.

eBay Compatible Application

Bluepark’s eBay integration enables you to harness the power of eBay’s online marketplace without having to worry about the complexity involved with selling on multiple channels. There's no app to plugin or pay extra for, our fully-featured eBay integration is available immediately on our Enterprise package. Start selling today!

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