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Sage Pay

Bluepark's ecommerce software enables your customers to make secure credit or debit card payments. In order to offer this facility, you may decide to obtain a merchant account from any bank of your choice and sign up with a 3rd party payment processor. We highly recommend the excellent service provided by Sage Pay, fully supporting both their Server and Direct solutions, together with 3D Secure payments including Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Sage Pay Server redirects the customer to a secure payment page on Sage Pay's site where they can safely enter their card details. Once the payment has been processed, the customer is returned to your site along with the corresponding message relating to the status of the order. The Sage Pay Server pages can be customised in order to better compliment the look and feel of your site.

Sage Pay Direct allows you to request the customer's card details on your own site, protected by your own SSL certificate. At no time will the customer be redirected from your site. However, using Sage Pay Direct will incur the additional cost associated with an SSL certificate for your domain name.

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It should be noted that many banks require a minimum of 6-12 months of audited trading history in order to grant a merchant account. For relatively new or startup businesses, PayPal offers a combined merchant account and payment solution. Website Payments Pro allows you to request the customer's card details on your own site, protected by your own SSL certificate. In addition, Website Payments Standard offers a free and effective payment solution for all online retailers.

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Secure your site with a Thawte or GeoTrust SSL certificate


Should you decide that you would prefer your customers to enter their credit or debit card details directly on your own site, you will need to guarantee the security of your customer's payment details. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is employed for this purpose, encrypting all data sent to and from the web server. Customers become aware that they are using a secure website by the presence of 'https' in the Address Bar and a padlock icon in the Status Bar. Clicking on the padlock enables the customer to view and confirm the authenticity of the certificate. We are proud to offer the leading Thawte brand of SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption.


Not all SSL certificates are Trusted. A specific selection of Certification Authorities are registered as Trusted in browsers such as Internet Explorer, and certificates which do not meet this standard generate a very obvious warning message in the browser window. Your customers will be unlikely to put their trust in your business if you cannot guarantee the security of their transactions. For legal entities, such as limited companies or registered partnerships, GeoTrust's True BusinessID with EV (Extended Validation) certificate takes this one step further and turns the Address Bar of your customer's browser green when viewing encrypted pages, visually confirming the highest level of authentication available:

Extended Validation: Green Address Bar

Thawte and GeoTrust are both owned by Symantec and are highly respected website security providers. Thawte and GeoTrust SSL certificates are trusted in virtually all Internet browsers and are available in 1-year or 2-year varieties.

Find out more about securing your site with Thawte Standard, Thawte EV or GeoTrust EV SSL.