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Recurring Orders

Accounts Billed on a Recurring Basis

When an order is placed for a product which is configured to be billed on a recurring basis, it will appear in Recurring Orders. Here, all recurring payments are listed. The Frequency of the payments, along with the required number of Instalments, can be altered at any time. Should the price of a product change, this will be reflected in the price charged to the customer for future transactions.

All recurring payments may be activated or deactivated. Should a payment be inactive, or should the maximum number of Instalments have been reached, the account will be excluded from the billing cycle. A subscription may be cancelled and removed from Recurring Orders by setting the status of the initial order to Cancelled. The dates of the previous and following invoices are indicated clearly, based on the billing Frequency selected for each particular account.

Billing cycles for outstanding accounts are triggered automatically on a daily basis, in the early hours of the morning. Accounts marked as Paid are excluded from the billing cycle.

Should a transaction fail for any reason, an email will be sent to the customer asking them to verify their payment information on your site. Further reminders will be sent every 3 days until the payment has been completed successfully. Should any errors occur, a report detailing failed transactions will be sent via email following each billing cycle.

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