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Bluepark Help System

Welcome to the Bluepark Admin Panel

The Bluepark CMS (Content Management System) allows you create, maintain and display web content on a fast, fluid and intuitive website generated according to your particular specifications.

There is no requirement for practical knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or JavaScript. Cookies, Privacy Policies and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are all, similarly, handled by the CMS. However, it will benefit you greatly to begin to understand the fundamentals of how some of these systems work. This will enable you to better instruct the CMS as to how they should be handled.

This Help System will explain some of the more important principles throughout the various sections, as and when they are relevant, but it is recommended that you make use of your favourite search engine to expand on subjects you would prefer to understand in greater detail.

Key Sections of the Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows you to manage each and every aspect of the site, and is divided into logical sections. These are as follows:

Orders:  Once your customers have placed their orders, they will need to be processed. Pending orders are collected and arranged for easy management. Shipping Methods allow you to generate multiple shipping charges, using weight and value thresholds, for specific regions. Comprehensive Sales Statistics are provided to analyse the performance of your business.

Customers:  All customers who create an account on your site can be managed via this section, including Admin users such as yourself. Site access can be restricted for Admin users based on the criteria you set. All Site Statistics, including real-time page views and referring site data, are collected and organised for ease of access and analysis.

Products:  This all-important section allows you to create your products either manually or via a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet, and to create a corresponding CSV export file. You can add structure to your product catalogue by generating categories, infinite levels deep. Detailed products may be created by specifying Brands, Attributes (specifications), Options (such as colour) and Additions (such as gift wrapping).

Marketing:  Sales can be stimulated by creating potentially complex discount schemes encompassing any combination of categories, products and thresholds. Customer product reviews can be used to inspire confidence in your products both on your site and via search engines. Email Newsletters can be sent to each of your customers instantly via a simple interface. As well as the customers currently signed up, you are free to import additional email addresses via CSV files.

Pages:  Structure is important, but Content is King. Here, you are able to create page content and blog posts for your desired audience. Content here, as in other sections of the site, can be created using the built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It allows you to create rich text documents and insert pictures without any prior knowledge of the HTML language which generates web pages. In addition to this, you're able to create flexible forms which can then be inserted into pages or Blocks.

Design:  The overall look and feel of the site can be customised by changing the default Theme. Page Layouts dictate the structure of each page, which columns should be visible, and which Content Blocks should be displayed. Additionally, the Navigation Bar is also managed in this section.

Settings:  This section includes the features which control most of the global aspects of the site. It allows you to alter Settings and configure Integrations. The Languages section allows you alter any of the default text used throughout the site.

Admin:  This section enables you to access your Admin user account, along with the option to manage all Admin users and email accounts. You are also able to manage all of your uploaded files, including your product images.

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