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Addition Editor


The Properties tab allows you to name your Addition and to decide whether or not it may be selected from the product detail and Shopping Basket pages. A number of different field types are available. Additions may be selected by default and can also be set as required fields.

Your Addition may be chargeable, the additional charge will be added to the price of the product if selected. In a similar way, VAT exemption can be assigned to the Addition, or the price of the product can be reduced to zero if you're selling a free sample. Your Addition may even have its own weight, which will be added to the weight of the product for shipping calculations.

You can also use Additions to gather extra information from your customers. Any standard form created via the Custom Forms section can be added to the Checkout process, either one form per order, per product line or for every unit ordered. A submission may optionally follow the form's default setting, in addition to being saved against the order itself.

Additions are generally assigned per-product, although they may also be marked as applying to all products without the need for manual assignment.

Option Values

The Option Values tab allows you to populate your select field or radio buttons with multiple selectable values.

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