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Category Editor


The Properties tab allows you to assign a name to your category, which is used on the Catalogue menu. Private categories may only be viewed by customers having them manually assigned via the Customer Editor or a Customer Group.

A category can optionally be designated as a Heading, creating a physical separation in the Catalogue menu and giving the impression of multiple Blocks. A category may alternatively be designated as a Department, meaning related sub-categories will be displayed as if they are root categories in the Catalogue menu, without showing the full category tree.

You are able to assign a new parent category. The category then becomes a sub-category of the selected parent category. In the case of a root category, meaning that is has no parent, a number of additional options may be specified which will affect itself and any sub-categories below. The Default Order for products listed within can be changed as required, along with the option to create your own custom order on the Products tab. You also have the option of bringing your featured items to the top of the product list.

Customers may be given the opportunity to generate a comparison chart for a small selection of products within a category. Possible values range from 2 to 5, zero disabling the feature.

Every category may have its own Theme and Layout, otherwise the defaults will be used. Sub-categories inherit the Theme and Layout specified for the categories above them in the tree.


The Short Description is optionally used in the category list, along with the Thumbnail Image. Separate Page Content can be placed above and below the category or product list.


The Thumbnail Image is optionally used in the category list, along with the Short Description. A Category Label can be specified which will be overlaid on top of the category's Thumbnail Image.


The Products tab requires you to indicate which products should appear in your category. A product may be listed in more than one category to increase the probability of your customers finding what they are looking for, and may also be marked as Featured within the category. A custom order can be created for the category's products.

Should you wish, you may configure the category in such a way that products do not need to be assigned manually. You may populate the category with either All Products or your Latest Products (based on their Release Date, and with an optional Product Limit). Alternatively, you can specify a Brand from which to populate the category with products.


The Channels tab enables you to enter specific information that is required to list the category's products in other external sales Channels, such as Google.


By default, the Title Bar inherits the category title you have specified. The Meta Description and Meta Keywords are automatically inherited from the default values specified in Settings.

For developers comfortable with JavaScript, additional code may be added in the text fields provided.

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