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Export Products


The Properties tab basically allows you to map any or all of the available product fields to specific columns in your CSV file. Custom column headings may be used if necessary. These export templates may be saved and used again. Possible export templates range from complete product exports to simple stock downloads.

The product SKU is always required. Every other field is optional. The Select All and Deselect All buttons make the task of field selection easier. When you are ready, simply Export to the CSV file and right-click on the green icon to download it to your local hard disk.

Export Options

You are able to specify which products are to be affected by the export, either via all Export Codes or a combination of Export Codes.

The CSV Delimiter may be specified as a comma or a tab character. The CSV Enclosure is the character used to frame strings which include the Delimiter. If the first row of the CSV file should contain column headings, it can be optionally included, along with Variant rows.

Should you require more flexibility, custom header rows can be inserted via the text field provided. They should be entered exactly as they will appear in the file, multiple rows being delimited correctly and separated by line breaks.

Advanced Options

Many shopping search engines and price comparison sites require their own custom-formatted product feeds. The options supplied under the Advanced Options tab allow you to customise your export according to a specific feed's requirements. If you activate any of the options in this section, make sure you don't attempt to import the resulting file back into Bluepark as it may corrupt your product catalogue.

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