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Form Editor


The Properties tab allows you to direct all submissions to a particular email address, or email addresses, otherwise the default email address will be used for this purpose. In addition to the above, or as an alternative, form submissions may be archived in a database which can be exported to a CSV file, enabling you to download all submissions at once.

The button used to submit the form should be allocated a title, along with a message to the customer indicating whether their submission has been successful. An alternative destination page may be specified for successful submissions.

Along with various options including the number of submissions permitted and the format of the emailed response, you may also enable Human Verification which can help to combat automated robots submitting your forms.


The Fields tab constitutes the heart of the Form Editor. The left-hand table displays the form fields you have added which may be reordered to your satisfaction. If you are generating a new form, this table will be empty. Simply select the type of field you wish to insert and click Create Field. The new field will then be added to the table above. Along with the standard form field types is the Divider which can be used to separate groups of fields by creating horizontal spaces. Hidden fields will not appear on the form.

Checkbox: A checkable box, useful for simple yes/no questions.
Select Field: A selectable field, usually with more than two possible choices.
File Upload: An input box for selecting a local file to upload.
Hidden Field: A hidden field, not visible on the form.
Password Field: A text field, text will not be visible while typing.
Radio Buttons: Selectable options, allowing the customer to select from a list.
Text Field (Small): A standard text field.
Text Field (Large): A large text field with multiple lines.

Clicking on a field in the left-hand table enables the field to be edited on the right-hand side. Each field must have a name (which will be used as the label on the form). An optional line of text may be entered, appearing below the form field. You may also specify a character limit, and whether or not the field is required (which will be indicated by an asterisk).

The value returned from a text or password field can be converted optionally to either lower or upper case, or it can be capitalised. A number of validation options may also be applied to the field to ensure that it meets your requirements. Customers will be alerted to invalid submissions, allowing them to correct their mistakes easily.

Checkboxes, select fields and radio buttons require options for customers to select. Checkboxes require only one. Options should be named and assigned a value. The option name will be used as the label on the form, the value will be submitted as the customer's selection. If no value is specified, the value will inherit the option name. Multiple options may be reordered. A default selection can be indicated if necessary.


The Auto-Response tab allows you to select which text field constitutes the email address to be used for an automatic response. This also has the added benefit of displaying the sender's email address correctly in the email submitted, so that it can be replied to easily. The sender's name and the subject of the email may also be specified in this way.

If you require that the sender must verify their email address before you receive the submission, then they will be required to click on a link in a special verification email sent immediately after submission of the form.

You may compose an appropriate email Subject and Body to be used for the automatic response. This feature is optional, and the fields may be left blank if none is required.


The Submissions tab displays the most recent form submissions received in the database. A CSV file may be generated containing all submissions stored.

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