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Option Editor


The Properties tab allows you to name your Option and to decide whether or not it may be included when refining product results.

Option values are displayed within a select field, unless you specify that you would prefer them to be displayed as individual radio buttons or option icons.

If the Option is searchable, and will only contain numeric values, a series of ranges may be created. The following format is expected:

1-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30+

Partial SKUs

The Partial SKUs tab enables you to assign partial SKU values to Option values. These can be used to generate Variant SKUs automatically. The generation process uses the parent product SKU and appends the partial SKU values in the order the Options are listed.

The SKU generation process can be applied to all Variants, overwriting existing SKU values, or only to those Variants without SKUs already assigned.

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