Kimono is a gentle theme with bold call-to-action buttons. It's great for florists, toys, children's clothing and gifts.

Kimono is a V2 Theme and can be used with all of Bluepark's features, including the new V2 features.


  • Promotional links display within a carousel at the top, if used
  • Optional language/currency drop-downs and telephone number are also displayed at the top
  • Left-aligned search box
  • Centre-aligned logo
  • Right-aligned account and basket icons
  • Centre-aligned top navigation


  • Email newsletter sign-up form appears at the top
  • Footer links, social media and card payment images display together
  • Copyright displays at the bottom
  • See Documentation tab for recommended column setup


  • Recommended setting for block is full-width disabled


  • All images are display with rounded corners

Category Page

  • Left-aligned sub-category and product details
  • Quick view button is displayed as an icon

Product Page

  • Recommended product image setting is Gallery
  • Call-to-action area sticks and remains visible when scrolling
  • Product tabs display content within an accordian below call-to-action


  • Recommended Layout setting is to switch off right column and assign Blog Categories block to Main Column at the top
  • First blog post is set to full-width

Default Theme Colours

 ColourHEX Code
Main colour Mid green#bed9c8
Secondary colour Coral#ee8371
Highlight colour Light beige#f9f4ef
Additional colour Dark beige#f4e9e0
Font colour - titles Dark grey#545757
Font colour - main Mid grey#696d6d

Default Theme Fonts

 Font NameFont SizeFont WeightFont Style
Logo font'comfortaa', cursive26pxLight (300)Uppercase
Title font (h1)'comfortaa', cursive26pxLight (300)None
Sub-title font (h2)'red hat text', sans-serif20pxNormal (400)None
Main font (p)'red hat text', sans-serif15pxNormal (400)None
Main block title'comfortaa', cursive26pxLight (300)None
Side block title'red hat text', sans-serif17pxMedium (500)None
Button font'red hat text', sans-serif16pxNormal (400)None

Recommended Image Sizes

Slideshow (full-width)2500px900px
Slideshow (centre-width)1600px600px
Category thumbnails760px760px
Product Large / Zoom1200px1200px

Recommended Footer Columns

 Recommended content
Column 1Links
Column 2Links
Column 3Links or location address
Column 4Email newsletter form
Social media icons and Payment Card icons are automatically added to the right of the main columns.

Recommended reads

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