V2 Themes Video Overview

27 February 2023  |  Cate

We're excited to introduce you to the brand new Bluepark V2 Themes. We've rebuilt the Bluepark online shop experience from the ground up to create themes that will look great, improve the customer's experience and comply with Google's requirements for modern, user-friendly websites.

Our V2 Themes include a almost 100 updates and new features for you to use immediately. They also provide massive opportunities for designers and developers to create unique and truly bespoke themes for Bluepark shop owners.

Find out more about our V2 Themes:

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Video Summary:

Introduction to V2 (0:0)
What does this mean for your online shop (0:25)
What's changed? (1:06)
How to upgrade your site with a V2 Theme? (2:02)
What happens if you don'e upgrade? (3:00)
Bluepark Support information: (3:43)

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