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Block Editor


The Properties tab allows you to customise the appearance of the Block. The Block title appears directly above the Block content. You may toggle whether the Block style, as defined in the Theme Editor, should be applied, along with the title. It can sometimes be helpful to disable the Block style for content such as slideshows or image galleries, where additional styling is unwanted.

Privacy determines which customers will be able to view the Block. Registered customers are those that have registered on your site and created customer accounts. You may choose to make Blocks available to registered customers only, non-registered customers only, or both.


For custom Blocks, the content itself can be edited using either the WYSIWYG editor or simply an HTML text field, depending on your preference.


Forms created using the Form Editor may be inserted into any custom Block simply by selecting the desired form and clicking the Insert Form button. The code will be appended to the bottom of the Block content. When the Block is viewed on the site, the code will automatically be converted to the full form.

It is also possible to insert Blocks using variables, in the same way as described above.


The Settings tab, if relevant to the Block you're editing, enables you to customise the Block to your requirements.


The Objects tab, if relevant to the Block you're editing, enables you to assign objects to the Block, and to reorder them as required.


The Popup tab enables you to turn the Block into a popup that will appear on any page it's assigned to, after a specified delay. By default, the popup display is limited to once per visitor session.


For designers comfortable with CSS, a custom class name may be entered. This will be added to the DIV tag of the Block.

For developers comfortable with JavaScript, additional code may be added in the text fields provided.

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