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Channel Editor


The Properties tab allows you to name your Channel and select the type you are intending to configure, such as another Bluepark site.

It is important to supply all of the required information to complete the configuration. For a Bluepark site, you can obtain an API Key via the site's Admin Users section.


The Company tab allows you to select the preferred order number to be used on printed correspondence such as invoices and despatch notes. All of the options on this tab apply to invoices and despatch notes viewed on the master site only, they do not affect those viewed on, or sent by, the slave.

The company information fields can be populated either manually or automatically.

Payment Options

The Payment Options tab allows you to configure your payment processing options. These settings apply only to non-Bluepark Channel types.

Shipping Options

The Shipping Options tab allows you to configure your shipping and returns options. These settings apply only to non-Bluepark Channel types.

Publishing Options

The Publishing Options tab allows you to customise your exported product data. This can include using a different Language template, or exporting prices using a different Currency, or affecting prices by percentage change discounts.

You are also able to map specific product fields to alternate custom data fields, tailoring the way your products appear on the Channel.

Non-Bluepark Channel types include additional options related to the Channel.

Publish Products Now

To create, update or delete remote products on a Channel, you must publish your products manually. The first step is to assign your products to the Channel.

You can do this individually via the Products section or via a CSV import. Otherwise, you are able to assign all of your products in one go, or have the system assign only products that already exist on the Channel, identified by a matching SKU.

Once the required products have been assigned, you can publish your products in full, or in part, by specifying individual product fields to copy across.


The API Log provides detailed information regarding the Channel's most recent activity via the API.

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