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Discount Editor


The Properties tab enables you to select the Style of the discount you wish to offer, the default is to define quantity-based thresholds which must be reached to qualify for the discount. If you are running a Loyalty Points scheme, you can change the Benefit to a Loyalty Points bonus.

You may also indicate which products should qualify, the default option being to assign individual categories and products. Discounts can alternatively apply globally, to all Pricing Codes, or to a combination of Pricing Codes. By default, mixed products will qualify for the discount.

The optional Coupon Code ensures that the discount is applied only when the customer enters the code in the Shopping Basket, otherwise the discount is applied to all qualifying products. A maximum number of uses may be enforced to ensure that the Coupon is not used excessively. By default, Coupon discounts will stack with other non-Coupon discounts already in effect on the site. This behaviour can be overridden to ensure that no product can be discounted more than once.

For daily deal promotions requiring a large number of unique codes with strictly one use by any customer, it is possible to enter Additional Codes in the field provided, separated by commas. The field may also be populated by a CSV file.

Discounts may be prepared in advance of their release by specifying a Start Date. Similarly, they can be removed from view automatically at a designated Finish Date.

The Threshold Type determines how a customer might qualify for the discount. The two threshold types are units and order value. The Discount Type determines whether the discount should be applied as a percentage or a specific value. If the focus of the discount is one particular product, a new price may be specified for each threshold.

For threshold and set-based discounts, there is an additional option to specify a product SKU to be added to the order as a free gift. In the case of the set-based discount, the quantity of the free product added to the order will match the number of sets present within the order. Free Shipping may be selected as an additional bonus, or as the discount itself. In a similar way, VAT exemption can be assigned to the discount.


By selecting the Up-Sell for Discount option, a message encouraging the customer to purchase more in order to qualify for the discount will be displayed in the Shopping Basket. An optional Up-Sell Message may be specified for the discount, this will override the default message.

An automatically generated Description of the discount, including its thresholds and values, is provided on the relevant product pages. However, should this not be appropriate, a custom Description may be entered manually. The Description may be disabled entirely if not required.


Multiple thresholds may be added up to the number required. Simply specify the From value, and the To value will be added automatically. Discount values should be added in the column provided.

The Invalidate Last Threshold setting can be used to prevent the discount from applying if a specific unit or value threshold is met.

It is possible to create discounts which physically change the prices in your product catalogue. This is done by creating a single threshold starting from one unit, thus applying to all purchases. Prices may be rounded and styled to match your existing pricing conventions.


The Categories tab requires you to indicate which categories should qualify for the discount.


The Products tab requires you to indicate which products should qualify for the discount. For Coupon discounts, the option to add qualifying products to the Shopping Basket automatically, along with the Coupon, is available.

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