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Navigation Link


The link title is the text which will appear for the user to click on. It should be written as you wish the user to see it.

A link can optionally be designated as a Column Divider, creating a physical separation in the drop-down menu for multiple columns.

The address or URL is the link itself, the intended destination for the user. Internal links, meaning pages within your site, should be given simply as "index.html". External links, meaning pages on other websites, should be given as "".

The link target determines in which tab the link will be opened. Selecting a new tab will mean that the current page of your site remains open in the background, which is sometimes desirable.

If the link represents a category, it is possible to have its related sub-categories populated below the link automatically. The link itself will then be displayed as a heading.

Providing the link does not contain any sub-links, you are able to select a new parent link. The link then becomes a sub-link of the parent link.

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