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Site Statistics

Where They've Been and Where They've Come From

The Bluepark system collects detailed statistical data concerning your customers' movements throughout the site. This can be filtered by year and by month.


A summary of the number of page views by month (if viewing the full year) or by day of the month (if viewing a specific month). A percentage column is also included.

Most Viewed Pages

A list of the top pages viewed on the site for the selected period.

Top Browsers

A list of the top browsers used to view the site for the selected period. It can be helpful to know which browsers are the most popular amongst your customers. It can also be helpful to observe which search engines visit you most regularly or crawl your site most thoroughly.

Top Referring Domains

A list of the top referring domains to the site for the selected period. This is perhaps the post important group of statistics. Referrers are the domains from which the customer has travelled to your site. These may be search engines or simply other sites which link to yours. An "(A)" indicates an Affiliate referral using a special link.

Top Referring Searches

A list of the top referring searches made to the site for the selected period. Expanding on the statistics concerning referring domains, referring searches are the words and phrases used on search engines to locate your site. This is vital in appraising your SEO strategy. An "(A)" indicates an Affiliate referral using a special link.

Top Site Searches

A list of the top searches made on the site for the selected period. As well as indicating what your customers are searching for, a figure relating to the average number of results returned is also available to view.

Customers Online Now

A list of all the customers currently viewing your site (active within the last 10 minutes). The IP address and hostname (if available) of each customer are included in the list for further analysis.

Information such as the customer's referring domain and search terms can be toggled via the blue arrows. The email address and the total number of page views are also available.

You can optionally extend the list of customers to include everyone viewing your site during the last 7 days by toggling the option in the top right corner of the page.

Live chat sessions can be opened publicly, providing an invitation to all site customers, or privately, contacting individual customers browsing the site.

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