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Your Registered Customers

Every customer that registers on the site can be accessed via the Customers section. For larger sites with several pages of customer data, the Search tool will allow you to easily locate specific customers by entering either partial or full names and email addresses. Customers are listed by the most recent registration. An indication as to whether a customer is currently online can be observed from the colour of the customer icon, green indicating activity within the last 10 minutes.

It is also possible to export a CSV file including the complete data for every customer. If you filter the customer list in any way, only the filtered results will be included in the CSV export.

Using the Remote Control feature will allow you to access the site as if you were signed in as the customer in question. This can be used to place an order on behalf of a customer without having to sign in with their password.

If you have enabled Credit Accounts in Settings, it is possible to assign them on a per-customer basis. A customer with a Credit Account will not be asked to submit payment details when checking out unless the additional value of the order exceeds their optional Credit Limit. The customer's outstanding balance is calculated from the sum total of their Unpaid orders.

If you're transferring across from an existing site, and would like to import your product database, you can do so by uploading a carefully-formatted CSV file. The format of the file should be identical to that of the customer export CSV, including the header row containing the column titles.

The only required field for the import CSV is the unique email address. A new customer account will be created, unless the email address already exists in the customer database and you have indicated that you wish to update existing customers. The absence of a password will result in a random password being generated and allocated to the new customer. You can choose to send emails automatically to new customers, informing them of their access details.

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