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Customer Editor

Account Details

All of the customer's account details are editable and are self-explanatory. A new password may be specified for the customer by entering the replacement password twice in the text fields provided. The customer's current password can be viewed by hovering the mouse pointer over either of the password fields. The decision as to whether the customer will allow unsolicited correspondence to be sent from the site is also editable from this screen.

A customer with a Credit Account will not be asked to submit payment details when checking out unless the additional value of the order exceeds their optional Credit Limit. The customer's outstanding balance is calculated from the sum total of their Unpaid orders.

If Loyalty Points have been enabled, the customer's points total can be altered manually in order for corrections to be made.

If the customer has placed orders on the site, the changes you make may optionally be applied to each order, replacing the original details. Unchecking the box next to the Save Changes button can prevent an email from being sent when creating new accounts.

Private Categories

The Private Categories tab allows you to indicate which, if any, private categories should be visible to the customer.

Private Discounts

The Discounts tab allows you to assign discounts to a customer account. Only discounts which aren't active in the Discounts section are available.

Pricing Exceptions

The Pricing Exceptions tab allows you to assign products and define new prices for a customer account.


The Downloads tab enables you to assign various files to the customer's account, which may be browsed and downloaded from their account area. It is also possible to assign File Groups which contain their own individual sets of files.

Order History

The Order History tab displays the most recent orders placed by the customer.

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