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Tax Rules


You are able to set VAT (Value Added Tax) rates for each of the countries you ship to, ensuring that every customer pays the right price for your products and/or services - regardless of their geographical location.

The Default VAT Rate is used for the first two of the VAT Countries settings, namely Worldwide and Within the EU. The second option assigns the default rate to all of the countries in the EU, convenient if you are situated within the EU yourself. If you are not yet registered to pay tax, simply set the default rate to zero.

The third option, Manual Selection, enables you to assign an individual VAT rate to each of the countries in the list, each with an optional Threshold. The Threshold is used to indicate the order value required before the VAT rate comes into effect, and may apply either per order or per item.

An example of a threshold-based tax system would be the island of Jersey which charges VAT to the UK only when the total order value exceeds £18. Orders of £18 and below attract no VAT.

It should be noted that Gross prices, having VAT built-in, are assumed to have VAT applied at the Default VAT Rate. This is removed before any alternative rates are applied. If multiple VAT rates have been configured, the use of Net prices may be less confusing for your customers.

Should you wish, you may deactivate any countries you would rather not appear in the country list during the Checkout process. This will affect both the billing and shipping addresses, and may prevent some orders being placed.


You are able to set VAT (Value Added Tax) rates for all of the US states, but only when Manual Selection is used. The VAT rate for the US must be set to zero, otherwise the US rate will be set automatically for every US state.

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