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The Google Sitemaps service enables for you to submit a sitemap in XML format to Google, the theory being that your site will be crawled and indexed more thoroughly. The file itself is generated automatically, and is saved as "sitemap.xml" in the root directory. Google offers detailed statistical analysis of your site providing that you are able to verify ownership of your domain. In order to do this, Google will ask that you place an empty file, with a filename of their choosing, in the root directory. Entering the filename in the text field provided will create the file for you. Once this has been done, sitemap submissions are performed on a weekly basis.

If you would like to activate Google Analytics, simply enter your tracking ID in the text field provided. If you have a Google Maps API key, you can enter it in the text field provided to enable the display of maps relating to search results from the Store Locator.

Social Media

Entering your Facebook customername will enhance your Share button's output on the profile pages of site visitors. Creating a Facebook App ID will enable customers to access their Facebook personal information to populate your site's account fields automatically, along with other optional features. The Facebook App ID will override the Facebook customername. Facebook Pixel tracking enables you to monitor the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Website Plugins

Klaviyo is a popular marketing platform featuring powerful email automation. Simply enter your unique Klaviyo public API key to activate the integration.

Loqate is a service which enables your customers to perform UK or international postcode address lookups. Simply register using the link provided to obtain your unique Account Code and License Keys.

Help Scout is a help desk solution for managing customer enquiries via email. Our integration passes your customer information through to Help Scout when enquiries are submitted. Simply connect to Help Scout and complete the essential webhook configuration in your Help Scout account.

Online Services

Bluepark makes it easy to integrate with various Sales Channels, such as eBay and Google Shopping, along with many other online services.

SSL Certificate

If you are processing credit or debit card information on the site, your customers will look for a secure connection. This is usually indicated by the "https" protocol used in the Address Bar and a padlock sign in the Status Bar of the browser. These indicate that the site is using an SSL certificate, meaning that data sent to and from the site is encrypted.

All Bluepark websites have an SSL certificate installed as standard.

Payment Options

The Payment Options: Properties tab is crucial to the ecommerce aspect of the site. Selecting a supported and fully integrated Primary Payment Processor from the list provided allows you to process purchases made by your customers. There are two distinct types: those which allow you to process credit or debit card information directly on the site and those which take the customer to a secure third-party page to complete the purchase. In the case of the former method, individual cards you support may be either enabled or disabled individually according to your preferences.

Along with the Primary Payment Processor, you are also able to configure PayPal and Klarna as Secondary Payment Processors. The individual sub-tabs for each of the available Payment Processors appear beneath the Payment Options tab. Please note that there may be specific instructions to be followed on the Payment Processor's website in order to complete the configuration successfully.

Should you decide to accept cheques or bank transfers, a choice will be presented to the customer as to whether to pay by cheque, bank transfer or card. Credit Accounts, along with optional Credit Limits, may be assigned on a per-customer basis via the Customers section. They may also be created automatically for new customers, along with a default Credit Limit.

If required, you are able to give your customers the opportunity to view, print or download Pro Forma Invoices prior to submitting any payment information.

Accounting Options

The Accounting Software currently selected may be configured, according to its particular requirements, via the Accounting Options tab. It is highly recommended that you generate a complete backup of the existing data within your accounting package before importing orders from your Bluepark site for the first time.

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