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8 May 2013  |  Cate
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Wigs and Pieces' name speaks for itself – we sell Wigs and Pieces. We are based in East Yorkshire and supply fashion and medical wigs to clients around the world. The company supplies wigs for a variety of high profile celebrity clients, fashion stylists, theatres, royalty, and television programmes including Eastenders, Hollyoaks, and ITV's Belle de Jour. Wigs & Pieces also provides a wig fitting service and private consultancy for cancer and alopecia patients.

What were your reasons for starting an online shop?

After being in the Hairdressing industry since 1967, I sold the business in 2002 and went to college to learn IT skills to assist in my husband’s business as a web developer, I had worked with wigs and made many hairpieces so my knowledge was put to use when a couple of friends had cancer and needed the wigs due to hair loss, so I looked online and saw there was nobody outstanding in this field and the website were very difficult to navigate and had no attraction to use them, so we started what I thought was a small helpful company, never dreaming ten years later it would be like it is today.

Raquel Welch at Wigs & Pieces

What were your reasons for choosing Bluepark?

We were growing so quickly and the site was all in HTML, so every time we needed any changes it was left to one person to do this, we had a friend who knew all about this kind of software and he hunted around for us and chose the most simplest, cost effective and had great support – Bluepark stood out a mile. It is a choice that we never have regretted.

How did you find the process of setting up your site on Bluepark?

We used an external designer for the design and our friend Andy did the exporting from our old site, and with help from Bluepark, it was soon up and ready.

How have you seen your online business grow?

We find the email newsletter a great boost to sales, as soon as they are received no matter what offer we have, the orders come in very fast. This is far superior for us rather than Mail Chimp as they had too many restrictions and the percentage of rejects were not good.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting an online business?

I found using Google Adwords and placing the bid high enough got me on to the first page, this was a risk at first but it paid off. Now I only use Adwords now and then as we have a few thousand customers now and a great percentage of re-orders. I don’t feel as though I would have done anything differently to what we do now.

Bluepark’s support team are always at the end of a phone and this is great, especially if you make an unforced error.

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