Customer Stories

2 November 2017  |  Cate
Orders have increased by 50% in 18 months: Cool Cat Collars

Cool Cat Collars has been on quite a journey over their nine years in business, from business owner changes to moving ecommerce platforms and creating their own truly unique handmade products. Read on to find out more about their story.

4 November 2013  |  Cate
Featured Shop: StickyTiger

Introducing our Featured Shop for November - StickyTiger - an online boutique for crafts people, selling craft supplies and gifts in the UK and Europe. Having initially set up as a new online company in 2010, they have grown every year with Bluepark, allowing them to have a complete rebrand and website redesign which launched last month.

3 October 2013  |  Cate
Featured Shop: 12 Volt Planet

Introducing our Featured Shop for October - 12 Volt Planet - who set up business in late 2012 with the aim of becoming the place to go to for low voltage electrical parts, components and accessories for the automotive, marine and leisure after-markets. Deciding to create their ecommerce website with Bluepark has allowed them to offer their customers a clutter-free, easy-to-navigate online experience so they can browse their ever growing product lines and how-to articles with ease.

3 July 2013  |  Cate
Featured Shop: Jit-Pak

Introducing our Featured Shop for July - Jit-Pak - who went live with their new website on Bluepark's ecommerce software almost six months ago. Having started as a foam protection manufacturing company, they have gradually built up their business to become the UK's leading online case retailer. Since moving to Bluepark from another provider Jit-Pak have seen a significant increase in their online conversions and, with their 18 years of experience, have some great advice to pass onto all budding ecommerce start-ups.

3 June 2013  |  Cate
Featured Shop: D for Dog

Introducing our Featured Shop for June - D for Dog - who has been with Bluepark for nearly 2 years. Jenny's passion for all things canine is undeniable and she has managed to turn that passion into a successful business, which in this market is a particularly hard thing to do. Having started as a purely information led website her move to Bluepark has allowed her to transform the site into a fully featured online shop that has been appeared in numerous dog magazines, as well as Vogue, The Sunday Times and on TV's Midsomer Murders.

8 May 2013  |  Cate
Featured Shop: Wigs & Pieces

Introducing our Featured Shop for May - Wigs & Pieces - who have been with Bluepark for just over 6 years. Angela and her team have gone from strength to strength, building up their returning customers with the help of Google Adwords and sending out regular newsletters from the fully integrated Email Newsletter feature within the website's admin console.

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