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Scheduled Job


The Properties tab allows you to create a scheduled import or export routine. Required fields include the import or export template and the name of the file to be read or created.

The job can be scheduled, on a recurring basis, for any time you specify. The most regular job you can schedule is once every hour.

Should you need to transfer the data, FTP details may be entered. For import routines, the file will be transferred from the location you specify. For export routines, the file will be transferred to the specified location. The Remote Directory field may be left blank in order to use the root directory on the remote server.

Export Options

The Export Options tab applies specifically to order exports. The last order exported is updated on this tab and can be altered if necessary to reset orders previously exported.

The header row can be edited via the text field provided and determines which columns should be included in an order export CSV file. If you remove the existing header row entirely, all of the default column headings will be restored. The default column headings can change based on which features and settings are currently active on your site.

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