Bluepark REST API Released

Wednesday, 11 December 2013  |  Rich

We are very proud to announce that the Bluepark REST API has now been released publically. This has been a very significant development project of a feature which has taken almost a year to produce.

For anyone who doesn't know what the API is for, it's basically a way for Bluepark sites to talk to other software or systems. This feature takes Bluepark into a completely new league and opens up almost endless possibilities for integration with other software. Examples include order management software, accounting software, order fulfilment companies and EPOS systems - to name just a few. Bluepark's ecommerce software can now integrate with virtually any application.

We would encourage any ecommerce companies, potentially wanting to extend their services to Bluepark customers, to view our API specification and testing page, detailing all of the available resources and methods accessible via the API.

To demonstrate the power of the API, we have also released the first stage of our multi-channel feature, enabling Bluepark customers with multiple sites to manage orders via one central Bluepark Admin Console, along with comprehensive and real time stock control across all associated sites. This feature provides the foundation for the eagerly anticipated eBay and Amazon integrations which we intend to develop and release in 2014.