How to set up your V2 Slideshow

16 October 2023  |  Cate


Every Bluepark online shop comes with a built-in slideshow block that can be used to create scrolling or fading banners on the homepage, as well as on any other page you wish.

Our V2 Slideshow has a multitude of settings and options, allowing you to add engaging images and videos to promote your products and services. Each slide can have its own text and call-to-action button that can be linked to the relevant area on your website.

Our video guide walks you through the different settings, how they are used and how to set them up with ecommerce best practices in mind.

Video Summary:

Introduction to V2 Sideshow (0:0)
How the slideshow is displayed (0:24)
Add and edit your images and videos (3:00)
Adding your text (5:13)
Styling your text (6:04)
Adjustments for mobile (7:18)
Outro (10:10)
Bluepark Support information: (10:31)

Please note, the new V2 Slideshow only works with V2 themes. If you are still using a V1 theme on your site, you will need to upgrade to a V2 theme in order to use it. We recommend watching our Introducing Bluepark V2 Themes video and having a read of our Introducing Bluepark V2 Themes guide before you start.

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