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16 August 2022  |  Cate
How to add a Product / Gift Finder

Add a powerful Product Finder or Gift Finder to your online shop to improve user experience and reduce the number of clicks customers need to do to find the products they want to buy.

10 August 2022  |  Cate
How to change the content on your theme

The first thing to understand about all Bluepark themes is that they do not determine the content that appears on the page. This allows you to edit your theme, or choose a completely different one, without affecting the content that appears on the page. This means that all sections on the homepage, and indeed other pages, can be edited, moved, or deleted, and new ones can be added in as you wish, giving you much more control and flexibility.

23 May 2022  |  Cate
How to install Google Fonts on your website

Before 2010 if you wanted to add a non-standard font to your website you would've had to install the font's files on your website's servers and linked to them using complicated code within the CSS to make sure it showed correctly. Nowadays you don't have to worry about complicated code or placing files on servers you might not be able to access thanks to Google Fonts.

7 April 2022  |  Cate
Add Facebook Pixel to your Bluepark site

If you're planning to post Facebook and/or Instagram ads, or you simply wish to track people interacting with your online shop, it is important to add the Facebook Pixel to your site. This will allow you to track clicks and conversions, build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

10 January 2022  |  Cate
Get more insight into your customers with Google Analytics

Connecting your online shop to Google Analytics enables you to gather a wealth of data on your visitors and customers at no extra cost. You can then use this data to analyse them in in-depth ways to give you valuable insight into how to make improvements to your site, your product range and the service you provide. Follow our guide to connect your Bluepark site.

25 November 2021  |  Cate
10 step checklist for going live with your online shop

You’ve uploaded all of your products, you’re finally happy with your design and now you’re ready to let the world see your new Bluepark site. So, what’s next? Use our ten step checklist to make sure you have covered all of the important areas before pressing that button.

20 August 2021  |  Cate
Improve your online shop’s SEO with a built-in blog

There are many ways to drive traffic to your online shop, such as paid ad campaigns, social media, email marketing, and optimising your site for SEO. However, one method that often gets overlooked is blogging – a simple, cost-effective way to steadily and passively attract visitors.

2 July 2021  |  Cate
SEO: adding Meta Tags

SEO is a huge and scary concept if you've never tackled it before. However, you can quickly start to optimise all of the pages, products, categories and blog on your online shop for Google using our helpful guide to adding Meta Tags.

21 April 2021  |  Cate
How to verify your domain on Facebook

Facebook recommends that anyone using Facebook Pixel should verify their domain to ensure users can be tracked through their new Aggregated Event Measurement feature, once Apple releases it's iOS 14.5 update. Follow our easy guide to verify your domain.

16 February 2021  |  Cate
Best practices for website photos and product images

Understanding how images work on the internet, before you start uploading them to your website, can stop all sorts of problems occurring later on and causing you to have to re-do them. Use our easy guide to make sure your images are optimised for use on your ecommerce website.

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